3 Products for a Perfect Hair Day

Want to wake up with sleek, shiny hair? To style your hair with extra volume, or have naturally tousled waves? Keep reading for my three go to products that give me perfect hair, every time.

1. Detangling Comb by Kristen Ess

I use this comb for everything – detangling wet hair, distributing product, and brushing out curls. I love how the wide tooth model gently detangles, and will typically spray my leave-in conditioner after showering and comb through to evenly distribute it from roots to ends. kristeness

2. Leave-in Conditioner

Post-shower I always spray leave-in conditioner onto my hair.  I often air dry my hair, and wake up with sleek, non-frizzy hair every time when using leave-in conditioner. If you love It’s A Ten Miracle Spray, opt for this Equate dupe that works and smells the exact same, without the same price tag.



3. Round Brush

Blow drying my hair with a round brush has been the only tried and true method for long-lasting volume. I love how the brush helps structure my layers and keep my roots lifted in a way most sprays don’t.



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