Get Out of Your Own Way

While visiting Union Market in D.C. this weekend, I wandered into a home/lifestyle store and picked up the Inquire Within card deck. Following the instructions I took in a deep breath and pulled out a card – “Get out of your own way”.


“Each card is a meaningful phrase, reminder, word or prompt to help bring guidance and comfort to everyday life. Self healing requires a willingness to explore deeply, to ask yourself questions – to inquire within. The purpose of this deck grows from the idea that you yourself can heal you yourself.”

Life has been very…where the wind blows me lately, which has been fine, but the only thing really standing in my way, and in the way for most of us, is ourselves. It’s key to stop holding yourself back and jump at the opportunities that light you up, that you obsess over. I don’t make resolutions in the New Year but I did make a promise to myself that this year would be about happiness and not settling for anything by realizing my true potential and working towards my dreams.

I’ve decided to make sure each week I have something to celebrate come the weekend, even just small, productive things, like writing a blog post 🙂


Inquire Within Card Deck

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