Valentine’s Day: College Edition

Let’s be honest, although we know our significant other, or current crush, better than anyone (@ current crush people, don’t try to hide the amount of online stalking you do), we have all reached a point where we Google something along the lines of “Christmas gifts for boyfriends” or “Best Birthday gifts for girlfriends”. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for some time now, and any time I find myself searching the online world for gift ideas- it’s always for Valentine’s day.

What DO you get a guy for Valentine’s day?!

I feel like there’s a rule of thumb for Valentine’s gifts for girls: chocolate, roses or flower of choice, and maybe dinner and a small, but shimmering piece of jewelry. Easy. Guaranteed a happy girlfriend with these elements.

Every gift guide for men that I’ve read always includes a tacky money clip, some kind of paid subscription to a shaving company, or a lavish tech gift like headphones or an iPad. Not only will my boyfriend never use the first two, but the third option will cause me to go on a new diet called BROKE. There’s always the DIY option, but I tried that -more than once- and failed miserably (although my boyfriend said he loved them, thankyouiloveyou, we are being honest here). So if DIY is your thing, go for it! If you relate to any of my rambling, keep reading.

So, here it is. Valentine’s Gift Guide for Men: College Edition.

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